Archaeological Museum of Messinia

In the heart of the historical center of Kalamata, dominates one of the gems of all of Messinia, the Archaeological Museum of Messinia which is truly an unforgettable experience for lovers of history and Antiquity.

Visitors, essentially to cross the museum and watch its exhibits, follow a central “artery”, reminiscent of the flow of the Pamisos River that runs through a large part of Messinia.

Following the old geographical division of the prefecture into four provinces, Kalamata, Messini, Pylia and Trifylia, the exhibition is developed in corresponding large geographical units, within which the most important archaeological sites with representative findings from excavations and research are included.

For a more comprehensive historical understanding, ten thematic sections are marked with visual material, based on the space in which various important events took place. The ten thematic sections are as follows:

  • “The Villeardouins and Messinia”
  • “Mani and the Despotate of Moreos”
  • “Thuria a quaint town”
  • “Outside Mani, on the Messinia-Lakonia border”
  • “Holy Nicon the Repentant and Messinia”
  • “The capital of the independent Messinian state in the foothills of Ithomi”
  • “The Venetian Gate (1206-1500)”
  • “A Mycenaean center in the Messinian Gulf”
  • “Nestor’s Palace Territory”
  • “The Mycenaeans of Triphylia”

The archaeological museum of Messinia is definitely something you should not miss during your visit to Kalamata.


+30 2721083485
+30 2721063100 (EFA Messinia)

Ticket Prices

Whole: €4
Reduced: €2
Single Ticket: €15 – Duration 3 days, and valid for: Nestor’s Palace, Archaeological Museum of Messinia, Archaeological Museum of Chora, Kalamata Castle, Methoni Castle, Pylos Castle (Niokastro), Troupakidon – Mourtzinon Fortress Complex.

Opening Hours

Daily: 08:00 – 20:00
Tuesday: 12:30 – 20:00

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