Archaeological site of Peristeria

8 kilometers from Kyparissia, you will find a natural fortress, the Archaeological site of Peristeria, which is considered one of the most important findings of the Mycenaean world.

The most important ancient findings that have been uncovered are three vaulted tombs within the archaeological site, a vaulted tomb to the south of the hill, part of the Palace and several residences. A significant number of objects, such as gold jewelry and items of daily use, were found in all of them and are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chora.

Another reason why the findings of the area are so valuable is the fact that the largest vaulted tomb may even belong to the legendary king Nestor, of ancient Pylos. The tomb is preserved in very good condition, while the acoustics inside it are impressive.


+30 2721063100 (EFA Messinia)

Ticket Prices

Whole: €3
Reduced: €2
Single Ticket: €15 – Duration 3 days, and valid for: Nestor’s Palace, Archaeological Museum of Messinia, Archaeological Museum of Chora, Kalamata Castle, Methoni Castle, Pylos Castle (Niokastro), Troupakidon – Mourtzinon Fortress Complex.

Opening Hours

Daily: 08:30 – 15:30
Tuesday: CLOSED

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