In the settlement of Petralona, amidst a wonderful natural landscape, Andromonastir dominates. A monastery with wonderful architecture, which was founded in the late 12th or early 13th century and contributed significantly to the revolution of 1821 as it possessed a large property. Unfortunately, it was damaged by Ibrahim’s raids, but inside the temple there are […]

Palace of Nestor

Just 14 kilometers from Pylos, in the village of Chora you will find the most well-preserved Mycenaean palace! The palace was built in the 13th century BC. from King Nestor himself, the son of Niles. According to the Homeric epics, Nestor led Pylos to the Trojan War with 90 ships and is presented by Homer […]

Archaeological Museum of Messinia

In the heart of the historical center of Kalamata, dominates one of the gems of all of Messinia, the Archaeological Museum of Messinia which is truly an unforgettable experience for lovers of history and Antiquity. Visitors, essentially to cross the museum and watch its exhibits, follow a central “artery”, reminiscent of the flow of the […]

Archaeological Museum of Pylos

Inside Niokastro, the castle of Pylos, you will find another archaeological gem of the area, the Archaeological Museum of Pylos. There, you will have the opportunity to discover excavation findings from all over the area of Pylea, from the Neolithic era to the Roman times, gifts found in Mycenaean vaulted tombs in the area, vases, […]

Archaeological site of Peristeria

8 kilometers from Kyparissia, you will find a natural fortress, the Archaeological site of Peristeria, which is considered one of the most important findings of the Mycenaean world. The most important ancient findings that have been uncovered are three vaulted tombs within the archaeological site, a vaulted tomb to the south of the hill, part […]

Church of Agioi Theodoros

In the village of Kampos Avias, you will find the Byzantine Church of Agioi Theodoros. A magnificent building of the 12th century AD. which is famous for its many and special frescoes, which date back to after 1760. Their main theme is torturing sinners! Of particular importance is the icon of Agios Georgios, embroidered on […]

Olive oil mill of G. Skarpalezou

In the Malta settlement of Stavropigiu you will find the Skarpalezou olive mill, which is probably the only traditional olive mill in operation in Greece where the processing of the olive fruit is done with millstones-stones! It has been operating since the Turkish occupation, since 1765. There, the first bey of Mani, Tzanetos Koutifaris, extracted […]

Saint Peter’s Church

In one of the villages with the tastiest taverns, Kastania, you will find a small cruciform church from the 12th century, the Holy Church of Agios Petros. One of the reasons that make the Holy Church of Saint Peter, one of the most important monuments of the region, is the painted, rectangular, relief, marble frame […]

Fortified complex of Troupakidon – Mourtzinos

In Old Kardamili, the Tower of Mourtzinos dominates, which belonged to the last captain of Mani and is one of the Towers from which most of it has been saved. More specifically, the half-demolished arched gate, the Tower House, the Tower, the Blacksmith, the underground Cistern, the Olive Mill and the Vegetable Garden that covered […]

Church of Panagia Vlaherna

Very close to Filiatra, you will come across a very special church. It is about the church of Panagia Vlacherna, which is the fourth church to be built on the exact same spot! The specific church was built in 1820, however the first church existed there before 1204 when the Franks arrived in Filiatra, who […]