What does it mean to be from Kalamata

We have written many times about Kalamata and its beauties! Now it’s time to talk about its residents and why they should be proud of their hometown! Reading the following sentences, those from Kalamata will surely agree with most, if not all! Below is a list of 26 of the countless reasons why we love […]

Το βραβευμένο υπαίθριο μουσείο τρένων της Ελλάδας βρίσκεται στην Καλαμάτα

Στο Δημοτικό Πάρκο Σιδηροδρόμων που βρίσκεται στην Καλαμάτα λειτουργεί το μοναδικό στο είδος του βραβευμένο υπαίθριο μουσείο τρένων της Ελλάδας. Το πρωτοποριακό υπαίθριο μουσείο της Μεσσηνίας ήταν το πρώτο θεματικό πάρκο στην Ελλάδα κι έχει βραβευτεί από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση. Λειτούργησε το 1990 και όλο το υλικό της έκθεσης καθώς επίσης και μέρος της έκτασης που καταλαμβάνει το πάρκο, έχει παραχωρηθεί από το δίκτυο του ΟΣΕ Πελοποννήσου και Θεσσαλίας. […]

Kardamili: The ‘Wanderer’ of the Peloponnese

“Kardamili: The Largest Village of Messinian Mani, A Historic Gem of Unparalleled Beauty and Charm, Featured in Hollywood Films, and a Residence for Many Celebrities… The ‘Wanderer’ of the Peloponnese Always an Ideal Destination for Excursions!” “This is a traditional stone-built village in the Peloponnese, one of the most beautiful villages in Greece, nestled in […]

Kremmydia: The Village That Made It into the “Guinness World Records Book”

The small village of Kremmydia, located in Messinia, has managed to make an impressive entry into the Guinness World Records. Despite the fact that the primary occupation of its residents was agriculture, this did not prevent them from investing in education. In the year 2000, Kremmydia was registered in the Guinness World Records as the […]

Koroni: The city of Messinia also known as the “Princess of the Middle Ages”

At the southernmost tip of Messinia, at Cape Akrita, is the cosmopolitan Koroni. One of the most beautiful and well-known coastal towns of the Peloponnese, which is built amphitheatrically on the slope of a hill, where the Venetian fortress dominates. It is no coincidence that the nickname of this small town with a long history […]

The small village of Messinia, which is a green paradise with amazing waterfalls

One of the most beautiful Greek villages, it is located near Pylos, from which it is about 11.5 kilometers away and is built at an altitude of 177 meters. Stenosia, the village of Messinia that stands out for its amazing waterfalls, which become a magnet for visitors just like the entire surrounding landscape. The village […]