# DESTINATIONS Its name means “the village of joy” and it is a picturesque village located about 5 km from Koroni. Harakopio is known for its idyllic location and the wonderful natural beauty of its area. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning view towards the Messinian gulf, with green hills, olive groves and […]


# DESTINATIONS It is the capital of the prefecture of Messinia and one of the busiest cities in the Peloponnese. It has a great harbor, great beaches, great food and is full of kind hearted people. It is only 223 kilometers from Athens, which contributes even more to its popularity. Kalamata is a city that […]


# DESTINATIONS Gialova is located approximately 7.5 kilometers to the north of Pylos and approximately 14.5 kilometers south of Chora. It has zero altitude and is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Pylos. Near Gialova, to its east is Pyla at a distance of about 4 kilometers, to its northeast Elaiophytos at […]


# DESTINATIONS Marathopoli or otherwise Marathos was founded in 1859, following a decree of Othon, and is the port of the Gargalians. A very quiet and beautiful city suitable for relaxing and carefree holidays. A characteristic of Marathopolis is its well-known romantic sunset and its characteristic coastal road full of fish taverns with fresh products. […]


# DESTINATIONS Built at the foot of Taygetos and with a rich vegetation of olive groves, Stoupa is one of the most beautiful seaside villages of Messinia. Stoupa is full of caves, wonderful beaches and small enchanting coves. She is really gorgeous. It is no coincidence that where he lived for a few years, Nikos […]


# DESTINATIONS Built on the edge of a bay directly opposite the Oinoussa complex, Finikounda is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes a traveler will encounter. A fairly developed tourist area, Finikounta combines so harmoniously mountain and sea, while its wonderful beaches with crystal clear and deep blue waters create an enchanting landscape. Another […]


# DESTINATIONS Just 35 kilometers from Kalamata, you will come across a wonderful little village, Chranoi. Chranoi has an incredible natural beauty and offers a multitude of options for your summer bath. Beyond the central beach of the village, in Chrani you will find three more small beaches where you can enjoy your swim, in […]

Agios Andreas

# DESTINATIONS Agios Andreas is a seaside village in the prefecture of Messinia, which is washed by the western coast of the Messinian Gulf. In 1908 it was recognized as a settlement of the then Logga community and in 1972 it was annexed to Logga village. Now the village of Agios Andreas belongs to the […]

Agios Nikolaos

# DESTINATIONS Agios Nikolaos (3.5 km south of Stoupa) is a fishing village of Exo Mani (Messinian Mani), with neoclassical houses and stone mansions that preserve the traditional Mani style. It combines manic features with an island physiognomy. It used to be called Selinitsa. According to one version, the name of the village comes from […]


# DESTINATIONS Those who have visited Kardamili know very well its countless beauties. Just 35 kilometers away from Kalamata, Kardamili is one of the busiest places in Messinia throughout the year. In fact, according to ancient Greek mythology, Kardamyli was one of the seven cities that Agamemnon promised Achilles if he would marry one of […]