It is the capital of the prefecture of Messinia and one of the busiest cities in the Peloponnese. It has a great harbor, great beaches, great food and is full of kind hearted people. It is only 223 kilometers from Athens, which contributes even more to its popularity.

Kalamata is a city that never disappoints you as it is one of the few cities that does not stop having life since the University of the city contributes particularly to the vitality of the area. It is not typical that during the summer season the night life of the city is next to the sea and in the suburbs of the city, while in the winter months, in the historical center.

Magnificent accommodations await guests right in front of stunning beaches with deep blue waters. Apart from the city’s countless attractions, Kalamata has a modern hospital and international airport.

Hot Spots

Kalamata has at least five museums that you should not miss
The Frankish Castle
Ipapantis Church
The church of the Holy Apostles
The monument of Asia Minor
The Maria Callas Exhibition Center
And many, many more


Kalamata Beach
Mikri Mantinea
Sandova Beach
Kitries Beach
Bouka Beach
And many more great beaches a little further away

Where are we going to eat?

Literally, everywhere. Kalamata is full of restaurants, taverns and shops with tasty and neat Street food. Depending on your appetite, you just take a walk and choose the shop you like. It certainly won’t disappoint you!

Where will we have fun?

The capital of Messinia offers a multitude of options regarding entertainment. Bars, cafes, clubs are located both in the historic center of the city and along the coastline offering a wonderful view!

Beaches in the area

Bouka Beach

One of the gems of Messinia as it is awarded...

Kalamata Beach

One of the largest and most easily accessible beaches in...

Kitries Beach

A wonderful beach, one of the only ones where the...