Castle of Koroni

The Castle of Koroni dominates the beautiful town of Koroni and is truly magnificent.

It is one of the most famous castles in our country and it is still inhabited today!

Inside the castle there is a small settlement with private houses and occupies an area of 62 acres. It was built at the end of the 13th century, by the Venetians, on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

In August 1500, it was occupied by Sultan Bayezid II and the inhabitants of Koroni, having been terrified by the event, surrendered to the Ottomans. Then, in 1715, the castle came under the control of the Ottomans, where Ottoman families settled, while the Greek Orthodox lived outside the walls. In 1770, the castle was bombed by the Orloff brothers.

Afterwards, the church was converted into an Ottoman mosque and in more recent times, an Orthodox church. At the western end of the castle the visitor can see the Monastery of the Holy Cross which was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. An octagonal tower is preserved within the monastic enclosure. It was built during the Turkish occupation and is the highest point of the castle. Inside the Crown Castle, several carved tombs, underground vaulted cisterns for collecting rainwater, a Turkish hammam, Venetian cisterns, as well as the so-called Resalto are also preserved. It is a marble column in memory of the Greeks who fell on February 28, 1824, who tried to capture the castle from the Turks, but met a tragic death.

If you visit Koroni, its castle is truly a visit you shouldn’t miss as, in addition to all of the above, the view it offers from above is simply magnificent!

Opening Hours

The castle can be visited any day of the week from morning to sunset.

Ticket Prices

Free entrance

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