Castle of Kyparissia

Or otherwise, the “Castle of the Giants”. The stones from which it was built were of enormous dimensions, some with a length of 4m. and 1.64m wide. and some others with a length of 1.38m. and 1.80 m wide, which is why the Castle was considered to have been built by the Giants of mythology.

The ancient acropolis was located in the place where the castle is today. A Byzantine fortress was built on top of this ancient city. During the Middle Ages, the area was called Arcadia by the many Arcadians who fled there due to Slavic raids in their area and the Castle of Cyparissia was called “Castle of Arcadia”, a name it retains to this day.

In the following centuries, the castle of Kyparissia suffered many destructions and reconstructions by the conquerors, Turks and Venetians.

In the 70s, a small amphitheater was built inside the castle of Kyparissia, which hosts cultural events during the summer months.

The view that the visitor will enjoy from above is truly memorable!


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