Castle of Mila

Built at a point of strategic importance for the control of the Messinian Gulf to the north and at an altitude of almost 300m, the castle of Mila is a small fortress, built by the Franks.

The Castle of Mila has been identified with Chateaunef which is said to have been founded by Isabella Villeardouinou (1297-1301) to face the attacks of the Greeks of the Despotate of the Morea, while a second version, supported by many, wants the Castle to be the work of Nicollo Acciaiuoli from 1338 to 1341.

Its high two-story towers are characteristic of a late Frankish period and remind, in particular, the surviving square tower of the Androusa Castle.

It may be relatively small, but the view from above will fill your field of vision with a vast green that reaches to the horizon.

The area is freely accessible at any time of the day.

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