Castle of Safflauros

The Castle of Saflauros, or Lanjunatos Castle, is considered a fortress of the Byzantine-Post-Byzantine period and was built at the end of the 13th or the beginning of the 14th century.

Its name is thought to come from San Flauro, which means Saint Flour. As the first lord of the castle, it is rumored that he was Nicolas Le Maure, the same one who had imprisoned Margaret of Villeardouin in Chlemoutsi, in 1315.

Between 1460 and 1469, the Castle was under Turkish administration and during this period, it probably suffered the most damage.

Inside, a long vaulted building is preserved, while the outer enclosure has collapsed in its greater part.

Finally, although relatively small, the castle of Saflauros is considered to have been one of the most important in Messinia for the Byzantines, as it is reported that Constantine Palaiologos took it from his brother Theodoros II, shortly before he was proclaimed Despot of the Despotate of Mystras, in 1443.

The area is freely accessible at any time of the day.

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