Koumoundourou Tower

Koumundourou Tower in Kampos of Western Mani was the home of the Bey of Mani, Captain Koumundourou or Koumoundourou. Alexandros Koumoundouros (1815-1883), who is considered one of the most important politicians of modern Greece, was also born in the now ruined two-story Pyrgos Koumoundouros.

Alexandros Koumoundouros, was prime minister of Greece ten times for a total period of almost 7.5 years. His bust is at the entrance of the Koumoundouros Tower in Kampos.

Near the Koumoundourou Tower is the Mycenaean vaulted tomb of the Homeric Mahaonos, a famous physician of antiquity, who was the son of Asclepius.

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