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The small village of Messinia, which is a green paradise with amazing waterfalls

One of the most beautiful Greek villages, it is located near Pylos, from which it is about 11.5 kilometers away and is built at an altitude of 177 meters. Stenosia, the village of Messinia that stands out for its amazing waterfalls, which become a magnet for visitors just like the entire surrounding landscape.

The village has a long history in Messinia, being part of the kingdom of Nestor, ancient Pylos. The settlement was known as Lezagas and from 1940 until today as Stenosia. Based on the 2011 census, it has 446 permanent residents, who are mainly engaged in agricultural work and trade.

The amazingly beautiful waterfalls

Stenosia is a welcoming village and at the same time an ideal destination for lovers of alternative tourism, while it can be an oasis of coolness and an occasion for family escapes, as the landscapes all around are beautiful. Starting with its unique waterfalls that become a magnet for visitors in all seasons of the year, the village is a small green paradise.

In fact, just outside the village there is a green gorge crossed by a calm river, with small waterfalls and ponds. Its total length is 3-4 kilometers and ends at the well-known Kalamari waterfall of Pylia. In addition to its unique natural environment, it is of particular value to note that there the Italians built a dam and created the first hydroelectric station in Messinia that supplied electricity to Pylos.

The wonderful waterfalls of the river Neda

The river Neda originates from Mount Lykaios, on the border of the prefectures of Ilia and Messinia. As Pausanias mentions, Neda defined the borders of the two prefectures since ancient times. It empties into the Ionian Sea, between the coasts of Kyparissia and Zacharos.

The river in a large part of it crosses a ravine with very rich vegetation. Waterfalls are created along its course. The largest is located near Figalia and is about 50 meters high.

Watch the amazing video of the waterfall: