W Costa Navarino: The first worldwide to be certified by the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association

Costa Navarino is committed to applying the principles of inclusive hospitality so that everyone who visits the destination feels truly welcome. Embracing uniqueness, Costa Navarino launched a route a year ago, with a series of actions, to create the conditions to understand the needs of different travel audiences, so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

As a result of these efforts, W Costa Navarino, which opened last year, is the first hotel in the world to be certified by the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA), for the inclusive hospitality practices it has adopted. IGLTA Accredited™ is a new program that ensures travel brands are committed to promoting equality and safety for LGBTQ+ travelers. For a brand to be recognized as IGTLA Accredited™, travel agencies, as well as hotels, must meet eight strict criteria, which are certified through assessment.

“Costa Navarino’s philosophy is based on respect for our guests. We are committed not only to meet their expectations, but to exceed them”, said Stefanos Theodoridis, CEO of TEMES. “Recognizing the unique personality of each person, our aim is to anticipate the different needs, so that each person feels comfortable during their vacation. The fact that W Costa Navarino is the first hotel in the world to receive the IGLTA Accredited™ distinction is a great honor and shows us that we are on the right track,” he added.

Within the framework of the actions that have been implemented in the last year, is the collaboration with organizations such as the University of Piraeus, HospitableMe – a leading company in inclusive hospitality – and IGLTA, to conduct research and understand the needs of different groups and how the tourist can industry to respond to them.

Based on the results obtained, Costa Navarino implemented a number of practices to recognize the preferences of visitors according to their culture, racial identity, religion, or according to the visual, hearing, mobility difficulties they may face or be on the spectrum of autism etc. The first steps have been taken, but the journey to a fully inclusive destination continues.

W Costa Navarino: Το πρώτο παγκοσμίως που πιστοποιείται από το International LGBTQ+ Travel Association – ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ ΘΑΡΡΟΣ (tharrosnews.gr)