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What does it mean to be from Kalamata

We have written many times about Kalamata and its beauties! Now it’s time to talk about its residents and why they should be proud of their hometown! Reading the following sentences, those from Kalamata will surely agree with most, if not all!

Below is a list of 26 of the countless reasons why we love Kalamata:

Because from Kalamata, the Revolution of 1821 started, gifting the greatest treasure to all Greeks, our freedom!

Because Kalamata combines mountains and sea harmoniously.

Because even if you’re not from Kalamata, you’ll still dance the Kalamatian dance!

Because we all know what to do in an earthquake… from experience!

Because we are known from the Homeric times as Pharae.

Because you can attend the International Dance Festival at the beginning of every summer.

Because you don’t need to leave to go on vacation!

Because you can admire the stunning view of the city and the sunset from the shops in the Verga area.

Because Kalamata has the Mavri Thiella (Black Storm) the football team of the city!

Because the great musician Yanni is inspired by the city where he was born.

Because Kalamata has both a White Night (When the shops remain open all night.) and its own Carnival!

Because you can taste many traditional products such as pasteli, spoon sweets, lalangia, Kalamata olives, figs (tsapelas), and excellent fig pies!

Because Kalamata produces the best olive oil globally.

Because Kalamatians grew up in silk (Kalamatian Scarf).

Because we say ‘Mama’ at least ten times a day.

Because in Kalamata, we speak with both ν (ni) and λ (li)!

Because from Friday night in the square, everyone has a story or two to share!

Because we have Panagia Ypapanti, our protector and patron saint.

Because the beautiful chapel of the Holy Apostles carries a great heritage.

Because the hidden shops in the Historic Center are impressive.

Because the Messinian Gulf still has crystal-clear and azure waters.

“Because you will ‘drink’ us even on the other side of the world!

Because Kalamata women are among the most beautiful in Greece…

Because you must have “timoni kalamatiano” (Kalamatian ship’s helmsman), as sung by Zampetas.

And in the end, because being a KALAMATIAN is not something you become… you are born one!