Underwater park of Methoni

The view from the bay of Methoni is enchanting, but what lies beneath is even more impressive.

At a depth of 3.5-5.5 meters and over 100 acres there are the remains of a prehistoric settlement 4000 years old. These stones, like floor plans of houses on the bottom, are all that remained of the Homeric Pedasus when an extremely powerful earthquake submerged an entire city and kept it intact under water!

And the magic doesn’t stop there. At a depth of 7-8 meters, there are several pieces of broken granite columns, but also an intact column.

While in the 2nd AD century, a Roman galley that set off from the shores of Troy, sank in the Methoni Strait and its cargo, i.e. four sarcophagi with relief decoration, are still present at the bottom of the bay.

Undoubtedly, it is a visit you should not miss.

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