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Gialova is located approximately 7.5 kilometers to the north of Pylos and approximately 14.5 kilometers south of Chora. It has zero altitude and is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Pylos. Near Gialova, to its east is Pyla at a distance of about 4 kilometers, to its northeast Elaiophytos at a distance of about 5.5 kilometers and to its northwest Petrohori and Romanos at a distance of about 7.5 and 7 kilometers respectively .

Similarly to the name Gialova, the historical anchorage is brought to the northern end of the inlet of Pylos bay. The anchorage of Gialova is located just east of it between the northern end of the island of Sfaktiria and the peninsula of “Old Avarino” in front of the coastal village of Gialova, which peninsula ends in the north of the Bay of Navarino, the Strait of Sykia and the Palaiokastro of Navarino or Castle of Gialova, in close proximity to the beach of Voidokoilia. In front of the anchorage of Gialova to the south, remains of wrecks of the Turkish-Egyptian fleet from the historic Battle of Navarino can still be seen today. The north-west coast of the anchorage is the alluvial arrow of the large fish breeding lagoon “Daliani” or “Daliani” or “Divari” or “Divari”, or more simply referred to as the Gialovas Lagoon. Etymologically, the name Gialova comes from the Greek word aegialos – gialos and the Turkish ending ova (= smooth, plain), i.e. smooth coast. Also in the Serbian language, “jalova” means barren.

Hot Spots

Paleokastro of Navarino
Kalamari waterfall
Stenosia Waterfalls

Beaches in the area

Gialova Beach
Divari Beach
Sfaktiria Beach

Where are we going to eat?

The wonderful fish taverns of the village promise fresh fish and wonderful salads, while anyone who wishes can try the local delicacies of the area.

Where will we have fun?

In addition to the incredible hikes you can do in the area, you can also take a three-hour cruise with Proti Cruises where you will also have the opportunity to see wonderful landscapes and deep blue waters in which you can even dive!

Beaches in the area

Divari Beach

Very close to Gialova you will find a 4 km...