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Castle of Kalamata

Above the river Nedontas, in the northwestern part of the city, you will find the beautiful castle of Kalamata. Although it was founded during the Byzantine period, its current form is due to a major reconstruction by the Frankish prince Godefroid I Villeardouino, at the beginning of the 13th century.

During the 18th century the castle of Kalamata loses its strategic importance, while it has already been abandoned since the beginning of the 19th century.

The vandalism of the castle was a relatively frequent phenomenon as the Venetians who occupied it from 1685 to 1715 proceeded with conversions, while in 1825 it suffered great destruction from Ibrahim’s army.

Findings have been found in the Castle of Kalamata which prove that the city of the ancient Lighthouses was located there. In this place, in the 6th century AD, a small church dedicated to Panagia “Kalomata” was built. It was named so because the icon of the Virgin dedicated there had beautiful, black eyes. From her it is said that the region got its next name, Kalamata.

The 1986 earthquake made many parts of Kalamata Castle dangerous, so its center is no longer open to visitors. The visitor can only tour around the perimeter, inside the castle and enjoy a wonderful view towards the historical center of Kalamata.


+30 2721063100 (EFA Messinia)

Ticket Prices

Whole: €3
Reduced: €2
Single Ticket: €15 – Duration 3 days, and valid for: Nestor’s Palace, Archaeological Museum of Messinia, Archaeological Museum of Chora, Kalamata Castle, Methoni Castle, Pylos Castle (Niokastro), Troupakidon – Mourtzinon Fortress Complex.

Opening Hours

Daily: 08:30 – 15:30
Tuesday: CLOSED

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