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Methoni is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Its natural but architectural beauties combined with the wonderful vegetation create an incredible callus.

The wonderful beaches of the city but also the complex of Oinoussa, a complex of three wonderful islands, Sapienza, Schiza and Agia Marina that are very close and host wild species of birds and animals make Methoni one of the most popular tourist resorts in Peloponnese.

Hot Spots

The Oinoussa complex
The castle of Methoni
The cemetery of Agios Onofrios

Beaches in the area

Methoni Beach
Beach of Finikounta

Where are we going to eat?

In the wonderful taverns with the rich, local cuisine, in beautiful restaurants by the sea and in the city center.

Where will we have fun?

In the beautiful seaside cafe-bar where you can enjoy your drink or coffee with the wonderful view

Beaches in the area

Beach of Methoni

A beach that literally combines everything. Halfway sandy and as...

Finikountas Beach

Another ideal destination for families with children, right in front...

Lampes Beach

Somewhere between Methoni and Finikounda you will find Lampes beach,...

Loutsa Beach

Or otherwise, Athalassi. It is a special and quiet beach...